In order to get coverage in your area…

AIS signals received from the boats can be instantly sent to our servers from volunteer receivers on the coast.

That lets us show all those data graphically on a google map in real time.

If you want to volunteer to share your data with us, you only need:

- An AIS receiver (preferably double simultaneous receiver like the ones we sell – otherwise tons of radio-amateurs are already sharing with their radios)

- An VHF antenna with a RG58 cable connected to the receiver.

- A cable connecting the receiver to a computer

- The shipplotter software installed on your computer. To download it, you can do it here.

- Follow the instructions here to configure the software properly.

If you already have the former equipment, start sharing!

If you don’t, just contact us and we’ll give you the best prices

You can get a very simple code for your blog or website where you’ll be able to show all the boats resulting from all the shared data through shipplotter…

How can I see my boat on the maps?

You need an AIS transponder like our AIS-CTRX, or in case you have a larger ship, a class A transponder.

There should be a receiver within VHF coverage from your boat so that we can receive it in our server.

But, if AIS sends data through VHF, then coverage is pretty limited… What if I go and sail far away?

Well, if you are truly a experienced boater who likes to sail beyond VHF coverage, our satellite transponders will do the job, providing unlimited coverage, although with a transmission cost that VHF doesn’t have.