Atlantic Source and its partners of True Heading have an unparalleled experience internationally speaking in the generation of AIS solutions on the coast able to enhance traffic maritime control of the boats from the coast in commercial harbours and sport Marinas, by letting traffic managers being able to know at every time the situation and identification of the boats of a fleet, in a wide coverage area, registering automatically entrance and exit of boats from a pre-defined zone, configuring alerts when an unknown boat enters a restricted area, etc…

We also collaborate in projects for public organizations to provide tailor-made solutions for traffic control, statistics analysis, historical maritime information. By being ourselves both producers and distributors of the transponders, we can provide complete AIS solutions for any organization and company in the maritime environment.

seguridad en la mar

Also, officials in maritime security are creating AIS networks on the coasts of their countries with a clear target of entering what is known as e-navigation. These base-stations are able to transmit information to the boats in its coverage area in real-time, defining dangerous areas that will show graphically on electronic charts on board or any other aids to navigation (under the AtoN standard), providing a totally new dimension to navigation.

AIS technology has really spectacular possibilities and we have just started discovering them.