AtoN’s or Aids to Navigation, are the set of products within the maritime signalling category we work with. Lights based on LED technology and buoys that can be remotely controlled via AIS or GPRS transmission protocols. We work with the most prestigious manufacturers worldwide, with products working for many years in all the continents.



ATONIS is a unique, state-of-the-art, modular, Aids to Navigation Information System, designed to operate seamlessly in an AIS VDL environment using FATDMA or optional CSTDMA and RATDMA protocols. It is the first AtoN transponder fully compliant with the governing directives for AIS AtoN transponders from IALA, ITU and IEC.

ATONIS is available in various types and as a repeater station to increase coverage, and has the capability to transmit all standard AIS AtoN, weather and hydrologial messages, as well as monitor and control de AtoN equipment installed on buoys and offshore platforms. Press here for more info.

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