AIS and “my treasure”

We have so much fun talking about AIS, that news like this are just hilarious (otherwise as tax-payers, we should cry!). (sorry, in spanish only)

The summary of the story is the following:

The odyssey explorer, a treasure-hunter american ship from the Odyssey Marine Exploration company, has been exploring spanish or close to spanish waters for some time, searching for ship-wrecks likely to have huge treasures inside.

Spanish authorities have been tracking Odyssey’s position through coastal AIS receivers. They lost Odyssey’s track at around 30 miles from the coast. Spanish authorities suggest that Odyssey may have disconnected it’s transponder’s signal, whereas Odyssey’s officials argue that probably only the 30 miles distance was the reason that the AIS receivers lost track of them.

Ok, we know that class A transponders with enough power (trust me, this one has it!) can be seen from the coast at far longer distances than that. So it is actually likely that they did disconnect it, but our question is: if Spanish authorities were actually suspicious that they could be treasure-hunting in Spanish waters, why TF did they not send an undercover boat with an AIS receiver only following Odyssey??

Odyssey may lose the treasure through legal measures.

Spain may lose it (already did) or not recover it.

So the real winner is: AN AMERICAN LAWYER NAMED MR. GOULD!!

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