Atlantic Source & True Heading

Atlantic Source, S.L. company specialized in AIS projects, distributes in Spain communication equipment produced by swedish company True Heading AB. You can see our products visiting our online shop here .

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 True Heading has done important consulting projects for maritime organizations in many countries, and is especially focused on producing class B transponders that receive and transmit boat data according to the AIS standard . This standard is compulsory for large and passenger ships already, and eventually becoming more and more popular for smaller boats thanks to the recent approval of the class B standard.

Atlantic Source also wants to carry out a training campaign about what we believe AIS will mean in the future of e-navigation, and to clear out a little bit the existing confusion in the leisure sailing environment. We are writing several articles about that topic which you can reach in the menu on the right.

One thought on “Atlantic Source & True Heading

  1. Alex

    Me parecen muy interesantes vuestros productos,creo que es el futuro para los barcos deportivos.



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