BWR puts a bet on AIS class B

The organization of the Barcelona World Race encourages participants to carry AIS Class B Transponders on board.

Since the beginning, Class A was mandatory for participants, but the organization, aware of the better fit of the new class B transponders for smaller vessels, has now amended the former rules.


Quoting the amendment:

• Each boat shall fit a Class A or Class B AIS transceiver, The device
must be properly configured with all Boat Data. This transceiver
must be in use in the following locations, or as specified in the Sailing
- between the start line and the Straights of Gibraltar
- within 50 nm of each race gate 2,3,4,5,7
- within 100nm of Race Gate 6 (south of Cape Horn)
- between the Straights of Gibraltar and the finish line.
Its use is also recommended at other times where shipping may be

Reason for amendment

Class B AIS units are now available, and the hardware is designed to be
suited to smaller boats – physically smaller, and significantly lower in power.

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