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TV and radio antenna for sale: Nargentus Digital

We are selling this antena that has never been used.

TV antenna for yachts Nargentus Digital. It is for sale

TV antenna for yachts Nargentus Digital. It is for sale

More info:

Price: €99 + VAT + Shipping costs (Official price in store is €533: Let us know if you are interested. We are also selling some nice AIS transponders and receivers, if you are interested you can see it in our on-line shop:

Giant oil tankers built in Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

From Ferrol, the land of the shipyards that built large oil tankers, and still do build ships and other marine crafts, we get the piece of news that a fantastic exhibition has just been presented.

It is called “GIGANTES”, which is the Spanish word for giants, referring to the large size of these tankers, built from 1964-1982.

See below the poster of the exhibition:

Gigantes, the exhibition about large oil tankers built in Ferrol's Astano shipyard, Spain. 1964-1982

Gigantes, the exhibition about large oil tankers built in Ferrol’s Astano shipyard, Spain. 1964-1982


More info on

Below you can see some pictures of these beautiful and enormous oil tankers:

Oil tankers built in Spanish shipyard Astano, 1964-1982

Oil tankers built in Spanish shipyard Astano, 1964-1982


Learn Spanish and Surf in Fuerteventura


Learn Spanish and surf the waves of Fuerteventura, Spain

We are always happy to know about exciting new projects. This time, we have visited the Spanish school in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, where not only will you harness your Spanish skills but also will be able to surf in the amazing beaches and reefs of this unique island in The Canary Islands archipielago.

Find a boat using GPS

Sometimes we get requests from people who would like to find a yacht or boat.

There is the misconception that you can find boats just by using a GPS. No, you can’t. When people say “GPS” they refer to GPS receivers, and what that means is that the GPS receive data from various satellites and compute it to provide the user with an accurate position. But these devices, GPS receivers, do NOT send any information outbound. So there is no way that anybody knows about the position of the boat.


Now, the question then is, how can you know the position of a boat from elsewhere?

By using a GPS tracker with broadcasting capabilities. This means that the GPS is using some transmission technology in order to share the position. The solution may use the celular telecommunications network (GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G…), other radio communication technology (VHF with AIS), or even Satellite technology to track the GPS position.


We want to recommend our readers interested in learning about new radiocommunication technologies and/or meteorology to get in touch with Capiclub, web about boating education developed by experts with many years of experience at sea.

Besides you can get in touch with them to take real practical sailing classes. Nothing like the typical classes that only let you get the permission.

With Capiclub you will really learn!!

Korea 2002

Some of the readers in our blog will wonder what are we doing writing about Korea 2002, especially if we explain that we mean 2002′s football’s world championship.

But there is a good reason, and it is that Koke Contreras, former goalkeeper in several 1st division teams, has decided to say hello to one of the referees that kicked us out of the championship, citizen of Trinidad&Tobago.

And he has decided that the best way to do is by crossing the Atlantic in his sailing boat. We will be tracking it on his way. We thought it is a very fun idea.

Koke has written about the history in Marca, Spain’s most visited sports newspaper. Track him here.