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Gran Prix II

The Gran Prix regatta has finally started later than expected due to meteo conditions, but finally became a success as expected; with 13 participants we have an average of 1500 visits per day and dozens of people have signed up for the satellite messaging service.

We are especially proud of the grib web-based visual application. In the regatta it lets you visualize the forecasted wind in the next 3 hours.

We hope to improve the wind app in the next few weeks so that all forecasted times by the grib data can be visualized in the application.


In Atlantic we are very glad that we’ve been selected once again to track the boats in the 2010 edition of the Gran Prix regatta.

Motivated by the success in the former edition, we will be introducing a few improvements in order to add more participative and safety related features to the tracking webpage.

Among them we’ll introduce our Iridium messaging twitter service. Please sign up here and visit our page here to know more.

Gran Prix 2010


Just a few words tu support from here ANAVRE, the new Spanish Association of leisure boaters, that is born willing to defend the rights of both users and owners of leisure boats.

They have started pushing strong and we rely from both the user and the company-in-the-industry point of view that they will turn this activity in a right in itself and not in a luxury for a few ones as it is seen in Spain at the moment.

Sat messaging

Our satellite messaging service allows any user to send greeting SMS, SOS messages or comments about a boat trip so that they can be read in our satellite tracking web page.

If you want to try it out, just sign up for the service here.

The messages can be sent in three ways:

- From the web after signing up.

- By setting your Iridium or Thuraya mobile satellite phone.

- By setting your GSM mobile telephone, although obviously you will have no coverage if you are sailing far from the coast.

More regattas and functionalities

In the last regatta we tracked with our satellite tracking system, the 300 miles of Moraira, we included a new functionality that has been very succesful, and which we have been asked for frequently during the last weeks.

It is an application that decodes grib files automatically online, and that allows visitors to see graphically the wind vector for present and future days.

We are preparing more surprises to be included among the functionalities of the satellite tracking service.

Besides, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of customers willing to travel far away, and that buy our satellite service to allow their loved ones to keep track of their location. We’ll be implementing some of these functionalities among these services soon.


We are very happy to announce that since last week we are official dealers of the Swedish Firm NAVAL, specialized in TV and radio Antennas, for boats, since year 1971, as well as TV satellite antennas.

The Nargentus model, whose picture you can see down here, is the most popular one, ready to receive all digital and analogic channels in all terrestrial frequencies, and comes equipped with a 25 metre cable and splitter providing both the power supply and the signal for the TV and radio receivers.