Some of our clients questions about AIS

We are frequently asked that why some receivers are not able to see all the data transmitted through class B transponders. The explanation is very simple: Some base stations and class A AIS are yet not ready to receive class B signals, and therefore they will only be able to see data such as the MMSI, and some other ones in some cases.

With the new approved standard for base stations and class A, all of them will be able to see all data from class B very soon.


On the other hand, some customers have asked us how can they navigate with AIS data as if it was a radar, so that you don’t need to download any charts.

The best option in our opinion is to download shipplotter software at

It has a radar option for navigation with AIS data. You can try it out for free during 21 days. After that, you need to register for only 25 euros.

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