Display AIS information

With the popularity of the AIS systems, clients are coming to us with the question of what is the best display to show AIS Information.

There are two main alternatives:

- PC

Connection to the PC is done via USB or serial port (for older computers). Nowadays transponders like AIS-CTRX provide a serial data output (RS-232). In order to adapt a computer with USB port an adaptor like this one is needed.

We can recommend any of the following compatible navigation sofware:

* Shipplotter

* SeaClear

* MaxSea

* Nobeltec C-MAP

- Plotter

Most of the current plotters (Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad) decode AIS signals. These signals like in AIS-CTRX transponders are sent with the NMEA standard, so there should be no problem. One important point is that speed of transmission of AIS NMEA is 38.400 bps.

It is also important to know the cabling scheme of the plotter in order to connect the AIS with the plotter. We are referring here to the colour codes of the cables. Note that this is something specific for each manufacturer.

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