GreenPeace report

Thanks to the neverending source of information at our favourite forum site, la taberna, we found this report from Greenpeace about the overconstruction on the Spanish coast.

We believe it is very positive to study thoroughly this enormous problem, and very especially, ways to remedy the massive damage inflicted on our coastal areas. We agree that, no doubt, the impact of the construction of a marina must be minimized in as many ways as possible.


Nevertheless, we believe it is rather more scary the data that states that up to 3 million apartments and houses have been projected to be built in the next few years, as opposed to only 112 marinas in the whole country, marinas, by the way, that mostly promote sailing, a very ecological sport.

We are currently in Sweden, well known for not being a specially polluting country, and where there are marinas and harbours almost everywhere. Actually, the ratio of persons to boats is up to 20 times smaller than in Spain. Nobody would say that the coast here is damaged, because whereas there are many marinas, there are hardly any massive apartment buildings overlooking the sea, as opposed to Spain. What do you think?

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