Guardia Civil

According to this article, Spanish Guardia Civil (a Spanish police corps) will be carrying AIS on its SVE (External Surveillance Service).

It looks clear the road that AIS is taking not only as an essential aid to navigation, but also from the security point of view.

The article states however:

Además, el AIS cuenta con una tecnología que es capaz de hacer invisibles a las patrulleras que lo tengan instalado, es decir, que se podrá desconectar el dispositivo para no ser detectadas por buques que pudieran estar incluidos en investigaciones de narcotráfico internacional

The translation would say that AIS has a technology that “makes boats invisible¿?”. Clearly wrong, it is only a button that once pressed shuts transmission down. A button counts as a piece of technology?

We are glad they used parts of our info pages about AIS in their article. We would have liked though a simple link too!!

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