Henry Morgan

We strongly recommend to those that like old pirate-stories, to check the link at joost below, with a full documentary on Henry Morgan’s life. More info also at the wikipedia link below.

This ruthless pirate terrified the Spanish cities in the caribbean during the 17th century. He was made Admiral of the British Royal Navy by the British King.


Henry Morgan en wikipedia

More Information about the program.

Title : The Real Pirate of the Caribbean: Captain Henry Morgan

Description : A human chameleon who combined personal charm with brutality and one of history’s shrewdest military minds.Legendary and loveable rogue, brutal mercenary, successful businessman, l…

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  2. Quique

    Precisamente en Joost, no recuerdo en que canal, hay un documental buenísimo con la historia de Henry Morgan. Eso sí, en inglés, pero si te defiendes, se sigue bien.


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