More arguments

The forum of LTP keeps on teaching us day by day.

In this case it is to give us more arguments to carry AIS on board. One of the participants in the forum includes statistics from the German Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation. A total amount of 548 accidents were studied and the conclusions about the causes of them all are explained in the following graph:

If the two main causes of maritime accidents are collisions ship2ship and ship2object, it seems credible to state (at least in the first case) that AIS could be a definite help in colision/accident avoidance, in spite of this year being specially cruel in terms of maritime accidents in the Spanish coasts.

In the second case, let us remind you that AIS is able to transmit virtual targets, or coming from a coastal radar station, meaning that even if the object itself is not carrying an AIS (AtoN or similar) it could be transmitted as a target by the coastal AIS stations to the boats in the surroundings.

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