Panbo writes about our AIS transponder

We are very glad to see Panbo’s comments on our AIS-CTRX Transponder.

He has been trying the different features regarding the hardware (called it rugged beast, which we love ;-) ) and software, and operational regarding only its receiving capabilities, since the FCC has not yet approved class B AIS in american waters to american boaters’ and USCG’s despair, which long ago approved, (and in fact recommends) the use of class B transponders such as ours.

There is no doubt that class A and B incompatibilities currently ocurring must be influencing FCC’s decision. In spite of this severe inconvenient, our customers are strongly appreciating the advantages in security of carrying AIS technology on board.

We all hope that the international authorities involved will take a decision about this issue asap. It is very sad using such a powerful tool at 50% capacity :(

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