Sailing in Spain

We’ve been following lately discussions and conversations in our favourite forum (LTP) about how different sailing in Spain is from many other countries around us. Everything started after the article written by the popular writer Arturo Perez Reverte:

- As a start, in Spain, many people do never sail!! Their boats are kept as some sort of a status symbol anchored at our marinas.

- As a consequence, many specialized magazines are focused on high-purchasing-power users, that are not really willing to sail, and thus magazines turn into catalogues instead of real technical advisors.

- Bureaucracy and over-regulation are not helping the country to having a really flexible and powerful nautical industry able to listen to their customers.

- As a status symbol, many spaniards believe that the situation does not need to change because boaters are still seen as loaded people that basically don’t know what to do with their money. We know many really passionate people that suffer a really hard time doing its best to overcome the costly bureaucratic tasks and mandatory checks of their boats. We believe it is already expensive enough to mantain your boat in shape if besides you have to tackle infinite costly issues.

Since we started our project, we found more and more distance between the demands of the boaters, and the response from both nautical companies and the administration.

Nowadays there seems to be a lot of discussion about how to tackle low cost tourism. We believe it is a good moment to debate about the possibilities of helping and promoting an industry for which we have unparalelled conditions.

It would also be convenient trying to homogenize the different european legislations for an activity that in practice needs no frontiers.

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