Search and Rescue AIS

It seems like the Spanish authorities with Search and Rescue responsibilities are pioneering the way into AIS. The AIS SART standard starts being a reality in the rescue vehicles in Spain.

Our friend Eladio has sent us the AIS info sent by a target that in his screen showed up like a rectangle with blades near the Spanish coast. Once he clicked on the contact, the info that appeared was the following (check the mmsi, different from the Spanish 224……):

Type:    S.A.R
SOG:    155kn
COG:    81.7°
Lat:    40°48.598′N
Long:    002°01.671′E
MMSI #:    111224101
RNG:    37.039NM
BRG:    119°

 Any boater that has found him/herself in a scary situation will be aware of the undoubtful benefits of being located almost instantaneously by a rescue helicopter.

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