Sat transponders

The only limitation of the AIS transponders is their coverage, limited to VHF. That’s why we have created a satellite service, for worldwide coverage. You can track any boat from anywhere in the world. You can choose to show your boat publicly on our SAT TRACK service, and/or on a private page.


The transponder has a price of €900 + VAT, and once connected to the power supply, you can forget about it, because it is ready to bear the worst weather conditions.

Minimum consumption of the service is €180 + VAT per year, and lets you receive two kinds of messages:

Automatic messages (which you can program to be sent on a certain hour every day), for €0,5 + VAT each.

Request messages, that the user can request by just pressing a button on his/her private web page.

After reaching the minimum consumption of €180 + VAT, the price of the automatic messages is €0,3 + VAT and €0,6 for the request.

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