Some news about SPREEX

We’d like to comment a few things about the SPREEX workshop we’ve just attended in Madrid during the last couple of days.

There were some working groups, and we were in the one that studies real time detection and tracking technologies, specially focusing on early detection of spills.

It was very interesting for us attending this workshop, and specially witnessing the big efforts done by officials and experts in order to improve our chances for an early detection and proper response to spills.

All the conclusions will be available for download in the spreex website here.

In particular, in our round table some of the topics covered mentioned:

- The necesity of using aircraft on a larger scale with the latest technologies, as the ones present in SASEMAR aircraft. The reason is the little frequency with which satellites cover a certain area.

- Current methods seem to be insufficient for sub-surface detection, and efforts for R&D in this field should be made.

- It is also important to improve the time between the detection and the arrival to the decision centres, i.e. the transmission times.

- Prediction models were also target of the discussion, and experts expressed the necessity of creating a unified european database of the different types of oil due to its importance for the prediction of movement of oil spills.

- Some respondents praised the good options of combining AIS with other sensor technologies, and agreeing with the conclusions of our partners at True Heading, believe that efforts should be made in the R&D of new systems and applications compatible with AIS.

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