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Change MMSI and yacht name in AIS transponder

<h3>If you change the name or MMSI of your boat, or you acquire an AIS transponder from someone else, you will have to reprogram the transponder with the new data</h3>

The AIS system is based on confidence and accuracy. Data provided by the vessels using this system has to be accurate. Therefore, it is not possible to carry an AIS transponder with the wrong information. You may put at risk your safety and other ships’ safety as well, disregarding that you may be breaching the law.

We can reprogram your TrueHeading transponder, just get in touch with us and send us the new data that you need to be put in the AIS equipment:

- Name
- Type of vessel (pleasure craft or sailing vessel)
- Call sign
- Dimensions of ship – to nearest meter
- Location of positioning system’s (e.g., GPS) antenna on board the vessel – in meters aft of bow and meters port or starboard

(this is the standard static data for AIS class B transmission)

We hope this information was useful. Please get in touch with us if you have a further interest on this matter.

A complete AIS solution for your yacht, transponder and display from Vesper Marine

In the on-line store for AIS nautical products AISnautica.com you can find the new Vesper Marine AIS class B wifi enabled transponder and the display.

AIS class B transponder Vesper Marine X8000 and Watchmate 670 display

AIS class B transponder Vesper Marine X8000 and Watchmate 670 display

You can buy them separately from AISnautica.com on-line store:

Any doubt, please get in touch with us

Easy installation for an AIS Class B True Heading CTRX Transponder

We are lucky today!

With the launch of the new combo package from True Heading you will be able to install your new Class B Transponder without any hassle.

Check out the diagram below. Dead simple right? Plus you can use your existing VHF antenna thanks to the built-in VHF splitter.

Installation diagram for a Class B AIS transponder

Installation diagram for a Class B AIS transponder

The combo box includes:
- AIS CTRX Transponder model Graphene + (with VHF splitter built-in)
- GPS antenna
- 5 or 10m GPS antenna cable
- VHF cable

If you would like to buy an AIS Class B Transponder get in touch with us here or buy it directly in AISnautica.com