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MicroTransat equipped with AIS

This year in the Boat Show in Barcelona we have discovered that there will be a Spanish participant for the 2009 MicroTransat

edition. This transoceanic race only allows unmanned vessels, completely automatic. They will cover 4.000 miles from Europe to the Caribbean.

The design parameters of the boats are open, and there are only three limitations:

- No longer than 4 meters
- Energetically autonomous

- It cannot receive remote instructions

In order to avoid collision at sea, the boats are equipped with an AIS class B transponder. Additionally, for it’s remote tracking they have a satellite transponder.

There is a project in Barcelona, led by ESDi (Escola Superior de Disseny) and the German company Rücker.

We will keep you posted with the evolution of this unique project.

AIS in Raymarine C80 display

A good example of yacht navigating system is the Raymarine C-80. This is a very versatile system that also allows to show AIS targets and associated information.

AIS data must be transmitted from a receiver or transponder such as the Trueheading CTRX. These data are coded according to the NMEA-0183 standard and are transmitted at 38.400 bps.

We include the image below.

Display AIS information

With the popularity of the AIS systems, clients are coming to us with the question of what is the best display to show AIS Information.

There are two main alternatives:

- PC

Connection to the PC is done via USB or serial port (for older computers). Nowadays transponders like AIS-CTRX provide a serial data output (RS-232). In order to adapt a computer with USB port an adaptor like this one is needed.

We can recommend any of the following compatible navigation sofware:

* Shipplotter

* SeaClear

* MaxSea

* Nobeltec C-MAP

- Plotter

Most of the current plotters (Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad) decode AIS signals. These signals like in AIS-CTRX transponders are sent with the NMEA standard, so there should be no problem. One important point is that speed of transmission of AIS NMEA is 38.400 bps.

It is also important to know the cabling scheme of the plotter in order to connect the AIS with the plotter. We are referring here to the colour codes of the cables. Note that this is something specific for each manufacturer.

Colission, AIS and the Vendée Globe

We have just received today the news that AIS has once again proven its usefulness. In this case during the prestigious Vendée Globe that has just started.

Thanks to the AIS equipment installed onboard the participants in the regatta, organizers were able to  identify the ship responsible for the collision that had escaped the collision area, leaving Bernard Stamm alone. It was not a fishing boat, but a maltese merchant ship of 80 meters length, l’Aibga, registered as a Cargo ship. The pictures of the Cargo found in the internet confirm the color left in the 60 feet monohull boat.

AIS in the Volvo Ocean Race

We are very proud to announce that our AIS products from True Heading will be the official AIS equipment for all the boats participating in the Volvo Ocean Race.

The equipment consists of one of our AIS-CTRX transponders, with one of our class B VHF Splitters, in each of the boats. The splitter has been specially acknowledged to be essential to improve the coverage and to ease notably the installation process.

AIS will give a new dimension to yacht racing, since participants will have the chance to follow competitors in real time when in VHF coverage, and it helps them comply with the requirements of some of the ports they will be visiting, such as Singapore, since AIS is compulsory equipment for boats of that size in those harbours.

Besides, fans of the regatta will be able to track boats in real time when passing through coastal waters. You’ll be able to track the first 400NM in our AIS traffic maritime web page.

Our transponder in the US!!

After quite a long time, more than many boaters in the US would like, the FCC has approved AIS class B transponders in the US. Some kind of agreement has been reached with Maritel, the company that formerly had the right to use one of the two frequencies used by AIS.

It is a fact that boaters in the US are celebrating, as we can read in some of the most popular blogs in the US, such as Panbo, Navagear, etc…

We are very glad to announce that our AIS-CTRX transponder has been the first one to be approved, and hence we are celebrating :) !!!!


Class B Splitter

Estamos muy contentos de anunciar que lo tenemos :)

Nos referimos al splitter de VHF para el clase B. Un equipo que permite utilizar la misma antena de VHF de la emisora con el transpondedor AIS CTRX de clase B. El primero con certificado CE!!

  • Reduce notablemente el tiempo de instalación, así como el coste de la misma.
  • Mejora notablemente la cobertura, al llevar una misma antena para AIS y la emisora en la parte más alta de la embarcación
  • Permite funcionar en modo a prueba de fallos, dando prioridad a la voz VHF, incluso en caso de fallo de la corriente.

We got it!! We mean the VHF class B Splitter!! It lets you use the same VHF antenna with your radio transmitter and your AIS transponder. The first one with a CE certificate!!

  • Reduces notably the time and cost of installation
  • Improves coverage, since you use the same antenna for AIS and the radio in the top part of your boat
  • Has a failsafe operation mode, giving priority to VHF voice operation, even in case of failure of the splitter power supply