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Tracking in your blog

Some of our customers of the satellite tracking service have included a tracking map in their blogs or sites, to share their real time tracks with friends and family, so that they can be followed along their trips.

We’ll update some more very soon. You can visit some of these sites and blogs here:




Another dream coming true


Some people spend their lives saying what they would love to do, and some others just, DO IT.

That’s why we are really happy to tell you about Jose & Virgi, a couple from Mataró (Barcelona) that is just about to end the preparation of their boat, Caps III, for a several years long journey with no fixed heading nor predetermined destination.

They have installed our satellite tracking transponder, and you’ll be able to follow their route in this page.

We really hope they are going to be very happy in this new and fascinating stage of their lives :)

Leiro in the Artic

Really nice article (sorry, in Spanish only) about the trips of Jesús Leiro, , 65 y.o. boater, neighbour of Sanxenxo, a little town in Galicia.

His last trip was to Greenland, through Ireland, Faroe Islands, and Iceland, where he met a Spanish Navy Ship.

We must at least congratulate this gentleman for his achievements, and of course our friend Rafael del Castillo, that as usual leading La Rueda, guides boaters in the Atlantic in their journeys, helping them with his wise advice, and helpful weather forecasts.

Boating in the Indian Ocean

Boating in the Indian Ocean is getting more and more scary, after the latest pirates attacks in the Somalia area.

Apparently, and according to this Economist article , Playa de Bakio, the latest Spanish fishing boat attacked there, was as far as 247NM from the coast. In spite of the far distance, pirates managed to go far, kidnap them, and get a ransom of up to 1.2m dollars.

The only solution seems to be a permanent military Navy presence in the area, name it NATO or whatever, able to cover a significant area.


We are following Gran Azul, a 15mts Ketch sailing around the world using our service. We must admit it is extremely addictive following their blog with their visits to (currently) different corners of the Caribbean Islands. They are using our satellite system, and have pasted a simple code so that anybody can track them on their website.

One of our team members is going to visit them in the Caribbean and keeps the rest of the team VERY jealous!!

gran azul itinerario

do you have a blog or website?

We’ve created an easy code that you can place anywhere on your site or blog, with the location of your boat via satellite. We got many more things ready to be released. Stay tuned!

You can see an example down here from the boat Gran Azul, a charter boat sailing around the world.

The html code you should place is:

<iframe width=”600″ height=”464″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ src=”http://www.atlanticsource.es/sat/granazul/index-granazul.php?mmsi=4970159″></iframe><br />

You only need to change the mmsi for the code we would provide you for your transponder.

And the result would be something like:

Gran Azul

It is one of those projects that boaters have at some point thought about. But few have the guts to do it.

We are talking about the Gran Azul project, carried out by Cristina Zander, well known boater in Spanish waters, and organizer of the popular feminine regatta Trofeu Tanit, that in its second edition has gathered no more no less than 140 women!!

The project consists of traveling around the world for 5 years!! You can check their website here to know more.

They welcome people that may feel like sailing in caribbean waters, scuba diving in the pacific, and learn from very experimented boaters.

From here we encourage you to join them. Just contact them through their website. Besides, Atlantic Source will be tracking the boat via satellite, so you’ll be able to know the position at all times.