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AIS Nautica, the on-line shop experts on AIS transponders and receivers

We are pleased to announce that AIS Nautica is born, the on-line shop where you will find everything AIS related. AIS stands for Automatic Identification System.
You can buy online receivers, class A transponders and class B transponders, plus the accessories you need, compact GPS and cables. This on-line shop is managed by Atlantic Source s.l.u. a Spanish company with more than 7 years experience in AIS equipment.

AIS makes navigation much more safe, especially in environments where there are bad weather conditions or there is a lot of traffic. If you take your boat or yacht off the coast you should definitely think about acquiring an AIS transponder, even if it is not legally compulsory for small vessels, it will give you peace of mind when sailing or navigating in open sea.

If you are looking for a ready to install, all-included AIS class B transponder, we recommend True Heading CTRX Graphene class B transponder Combo pack.

And yes, we do ship international orders!

Buy on-line AIS equipment: AIS transponders, AIS receivers, AIS class B, AIS class A

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