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Change MMSI and yacht name in AIS transponder

<h3>If you change the name or MMSI of your boat, or you acquire an AIS transponder from someone else, you will have to reprogram the transponder with the new data</h3>

The AIS system is based on confidence and accuracy. Data provided by the vessels using this system has to be accurate. Therefore, it is not possible to carry an AIS transponder with the wrong information. You may put at risk your safety and other ships’ safety as well, disregarding that you may be breaching the law.

We can reprogram your TrueHeading transponder, just get in touch with us and send us the new data that you need to be put in the AIS equipment:

- Name
- Type of vessel (pleasure craft or sailing vessel)
- Call sign
- Dimensions of ship – to nearest meter
- Location of positioning system’s (e.g., GPS) antenna on board the vessel – in meters aft of bow and meters port or starboard

(this is the standard static data for AIS class B transmission)

We hope this information was useful. Please get in touch with us if you have a further interest on this matter.

Reprogram AIS transponder with new MMSI ProAIS

Why do you need an MMSI for AIS?

All AIS equipment has to be programmed with the accurate MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) which is the unique identifier that Maritime Authorities worldwide award to each vessel that requires it, be it for regulatory requirement or voluntary request.

In the case of AIS class B equipment, many yachts already have an MMSI because it is needed to get the Call sign for the VHF radio.

AIS transponder CTRX Graphene from True Heading, distributed by atlantic-source.com

AIS transponder CTRX Graphene from True Heading, distributed by atlantic-source.com

How to reprogram an AIS transponder and change the MMSI?

Normally reprogramming an AIS transponder require that you contact a certified authorised dealer. Because it is highly sensitive information, it is not a simple task.

If you have a TRUE HEADING CTRX transponder, we can reprogram it for you. Just contact us here, this is a service that we provide.