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GPS splitter

Our friend Carmelo is very handy, and has kindly shared how he has done his GPS splitter. It lets him share the GPS antenna’s signal between his plotter’s GPS and his AIS-CTRX transponder. Please note that only high power antennas let you share the signal like here.

You can check his explanation (sorry, only in spanish, we’ll translate it into english shortly) here and in this conversation at the LTP.

And a picture of the final device down here:


New product for AIS: Combined GPS/VHF Antenna

Following our philosophy of making mariner’s life easier, we have begun selling our combined GPS/VHF antenna.

The dream of every Class B transponder fan has become a reality. If your boat is small and takes you a while to find proper room for both GPS and VHF antennas on board, don’t suffer any more!!; this double antenna installed on the same structure will make your life so much easier.

With your True Heading transponder, and your GPS/VHF antenna, you don’t need a GPS any longer, since our transponders are equipped with a GPS themselves, besides receiving and transmitting AIS signals, and displaying AIS data on any compatible PC, PDA or Plotter.

In a few days you’ll be able to buy it online here . Dibujo antena GPSVHF