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Cheap AIS receiver

If you are looking for a bargain AIS receiver, check out this second and equipment in Ebay.com. It is a TrueHeading RX Yacht:


Former AIS RX Yacht receiver

Former AIS RX Yacht receiver

It has now been replaced with the new model, now accepting USB connection and also includes an internal splitter (RX “Plus” model) that will simplify your on-board installation.

AIS receiver RX + (plus) by TrueHeading

AIS receiver RX + (plus) by TrueHeading

You can buy on-line the AIS receiver RX Plus from TrueHeading in this link

Easy installation for an AIS Class B True Heading CTRX Transponder

We are lucky today!

With the launch of the new combo package from True Heading you will be able to install your new Class B Transponder without any hassle.

Check out the diagram below. Dead simple right? Plus you can use your existing VHF antenna thanks to the built-in VHF splitter.

Installation diagram for a Class B AIS transponder

Installation diagram for a Class B AIS transponder

The combo box includes:
- AIS CTRX Transponder model Graphene + (with VHF splitter built-in)
- GPS antenna
- 5 or 10m GPS antenna cable
- VHF cable

If you would like to buy an AIS Class B Transponder get in touch with us here or buy it directly in AISnautica.com

More receivers

We keep on working to have the broadest AIS network possible, and to let anyone control the maritime traffic completely for free.

The areas with the best control are the mediterranean (Barcelona, Balearic Islands, Almeria and the Strait) and in the Atlantic, Galicia and the Canaries. The latter, is our latest receiver in the network.

At present, the receivers are working intermitently, but we are working on a permanent solution. Coming up soon :)


We found a case where an AIS transponder could prove to be the perfect companion, and that is when crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

With such an intensive traffic, Gibraltar is not for newcomers. If we add to its traffic bad visibility conditions such as fog or night navigation, crossing can provoke a breakdown in the nerves of the most experimented boater.