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10% discount coupon to purchase your AIS receiver or AIS transponder in AISnautica.com until 31st August 2013

We offer an exclusive 10% discount coupon in our recently launched on-line marine electronics shop AISnautica.com.

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Please note this offer is limited until 31st of August 2013.

Buy AIS receiver and AIS transponder

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Easy installation for an AIS Class B True Heading CTRX Transponder

We are lucky today!

With the launch of the new combo package from True Heading you will be able to install your new Class B Transponder without any hassle.

Check out the diagram below. Dead simple right? Plus you can use your existing VHF antenna thanks to the built-in VHF splitter.

Installation diagram for a Class B AIS transponder

Installation diagram for a Class B AIS transponder

The combo box includes:
- AIS CTRX Transponder model Graphene + (with VHF splitter built-in)
- GPS antenna
- 5 or 10m GPS antenna cable
- VHF cable

If you would like to buy an AIS Class B Transponder get in touch with us here or buy it directly in AISnautica.com