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New AtPosition website

The new website let’s our users control completely where they want their boats to show up. Besides, with their own web access, they can control a historic file of all the position messages and demand a remote position message of their transponder from the web, especially useful for private users willing to control their boats remotely and charter companies.
Many more features will be available soon and we just can’t wait to show you!!

Sat messaging

Our satellite messaging service allows any user to send greeting SMS, SOS messages or comments about a boat trip so that they can be read in our satellite tracking web page.

If you want to try it out, just sign up for the service here.

The messages can be sent in three ways:

- From the web after signing up.

- By setting your Iridium or Thuraya mobile satellite phone.

- By setting your GSM mobile telephone, although obviously you will have no coverage if you are sailing far from the coast.

New satellite tracking

You can follow in localizatodo in “Barcos satélite” or “Satellite boats” new journeys:

1) A new boating tourism project in Morocco has been launched from La Taberna del Puerto and you can track its journey in localizatodo with the name “Flotilla de la amistad” or “Friendship Fleet”.

2) Also Consorci el Far, dedicated to the promotion and teaching of sailing, has joined our team of tracking enthusiasts by installing one of our transponders on board in its ship currently traveling in the Med, at this moment at the island of Sardinia.

We wish them the very best journey :)

Sat transponders

The only limitation of the AIS transponders is their coverage, limited to VHF. That’s why we have created a satellite service, for worldwide coverage. You can track any boat from anywhere in the world. You can choose to show your boat publicly on our SAT TRACK service, and/or on a private page.


The transponder has a price of €900 + VAT, and once connected to the power supply, you can forget about it, because it is ready to bear the worst weather conditions.

Minimum consumption of the service is €180 + VAT per year, and lets you receive two kinds of messages:

Automatic messages (which you can program to be sent on a certain hour every day), for €0,5 + VAT each.

Request messages, that the user can request by just pressing a button on his/her private web page.

After reaching the minimum consumption of €180 + VAT, the price of the automatic messages is €0,3 + VAT and €0,6 for the request.


It happens!! We had no notice of such a thing in any case, but apparently stealing boats happens in charter companies. We don’t mean jumping on board and stealing money, or a plotter, but the whole boat!!

From here we wish all the best to the guys at sunwind, that in this chat at the forum of La Taberna are asking for help in case anybody sees the boat

JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 39i del 2006 white hull.
Plate 6º-CT-1-6-06
Name Manu&Manu————-Sun Wind
No radar.
In large letters: www.sunwind.es and a phone number.

Sending SMS

Another interesting feature we’ve just added to our portfolio of services. If you visit our page: www.atlanticsource.es/sat, you’ll be able to click on a link above the list of ships. The popup opened will let you send SMS to any Iridium phone anywhere on the surface of the Earth, FOR FREE.

Keep visiting our blog. We’ve got tons of ideas!

Satellite services

In Atlantic Source we work with three kinds of satellite products currently: satellite telephones, transponders and internet satellite broadband.

We use the latter for satellite tracking of boats and ships sailing beyond HF, VHF and GSM coverage. Check our SAT TRACK service here.

Whereas AIS sends data through the VHF data link, satellite systems send them through an Inmarsat connection. These transponders can be freely programmed to send the data required from alarm sensors in the boat or the built-in GPS.

The transmission follows a diagram like this:


Our transponders communicate with the control centre, which sends that data to our servers. From those servers, we make information publicly available for you on the internet.

We provide the tracking service for private users, companies, and regattas. The installation of the equipment is extremely easy, as easy as connecting it to the power supply. You can read installation instructions here .

For special customers, we can customize the web site to your needs. With our prices, satellite based location of your boat is affordable for everyone. For more information, please contact us here.