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Tracking systems for ships

Since many ships sail in areas with no coverage for AIS systems, the main methods for tracking ships are via satellite.

We have been researching the prices to track boats via satellite and they turn out to be very high in many cases. It is no surprising then that very few boaters can afford it.

Do you know of any service allowing such a service with good prices? If that is the case, please let us know ;-)

La Rueda and LTP benefits plan

We’ve just launched officially a plan for the associates of two of the most active nautical associations in Spain, La Rueda de los Navegantes and La Taberna del Puerto.

This offer applies to the members in Spain.

The plan has two parts:

Firstly, we offer our class B transponders for a tiny price of €545+VAT (applicable in Spain)=€632.20. This offer applies until June 15th.

Secondly, if you talk to your Marina/Harbour and they accept our proposal, all the users in that harbour will be able to get them for the same price plus VAT (where applicable).

Thanks to our system, we will know the time that each boater is sailing every year, so we will launch in the next few weeks the “lobo de mar” competition. A price of €1000 will given this year to that competitor that sails the highest number of hours in a year. Basis of this competition will be released very soon in this website.

We will explain the plan more carefully as we advance in its development.

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