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Satellite services

In Atlantic Source we work with three kinds of satellite products currently: satellite telephones, transponders and internet satellite broadband.

We use the latter for satellite tracking of boats and ships sailing beyond HF, VHF and GSM coverage. Check our SAT TRACK service here.

Whereas AIS sends data through the VHF data link, satellite systems send them through an Inmarsat connection. These transponders can be freely programmed to send the data required from alarm sensors in the boat or the built-in GPS.

The transmission follows a diagram like this:


Our transponders communicate with the control centre, which sends that data to our servers. From those servers, we make information publicly available for you on the internet.

We provide the tracking service for private users, companies, and regattas. The installation of the equipment is extremely easy, as easy as connecting it to the power supply. You can read installation instructions here .

For special customers, we can customize the web site to your needs. With our prices, satellite based location of your boat is affordable for everyone. For more information, please contact us here.

Tracking systems for ships

Since many ships sail in areas with no coverage for AIS systems, the main methods for tracking ships are via satellite.

We have been researching the prices to track boats via satellite and they turn out to be very high in many cases. It is no surprising then that very few boaters can afford it.

Do you know of any service allowing such a service with good prices? If that is the case, please let us know ;-)