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Sat messaging

Our satellite messaging service allows any user to send greeting SMS, SOS messages or comments about a boat trip so that they can be read in our satellite tracking web page.

If you want to try it out, just sign up for the service here.

The messages can be sent in three ways:

- From the web after signing up.

- By setting your Iridium or Thuraya mobile satellite phone.

- By setting your GSM mobile telephone, although obviously you will have no coverage if you are sailing far from the coast.

New satellite tracking

You can follow in localizatodo in “Barcos satélite” or “Satellite boats” new journeys:

1) A new boating tourism project in Morocco has been launched from La Taberna del Puerto and you can track its journey in localizatodo with the name “Flotilla de la amistad” or “Friendship Fleet”.

2) Also Consorci el Far, dedicated to the promotion and teaching of sailing, has joined our team of tracking enthusiasts by installing one of our transponders on board in its ship currently traveling in the Med, at this moment at the island of Sardinia.

We wish them the very best journey :)

Tracking in your blog

Some of our customers of the satellite tracking service have included a tracking map in their blogs or sites, to share their real time tracks with friends and family, so that they can be followed along their trips.

We’ll update some more very soon. You can visit some of these sites and blogs here:





There is no doubt that localizatodo is on the way to become by far the best ship tracking application based on AIS, and we would like to thank JM (Shaman) from Datavoice and colaborators for their great job, and for allowing us to contribute by adding stations and presenting the app in our page of maritime traffic, although it is close to becoming a tracking app for anything moving around :)



More regattas and functionalities

In the last regatta we tracked with our satellite tracking system, the 300 miles of Moraira, we included a new functionality that has been very succesful, and which we have been asked for frequently during the last weeks.

It is an application that decodes grib files automatically online, and that allows visitors to see graphically the wind vector for present and future days.

We are preparing more surprises to be included among the functionalities of the satellite tracking service.

Besides, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of customers willing to travel far away, and that buy our satellite service to allow their loved ones to keep track of their location. We’ll be implementing some of these functionalities among these services soon.

AIS in the Volvo Ocean Race

We are very proud to announce that our AIS products from True Heading will be the official AIS equipment for all the boats participating in the Volvo Ocean Race.

The equipment consists of one of our AIS-CTRX transponders, with one of our class B VHF Splitters, in each of the boats. The splitter has been specially acknowledged to be essential to improve the coverage and to ease notably the installation process.

AIS will give a new dimension to yacht racing, since participants will have the chance to follow competitors in real time when in VHF coverage, and it helps them comply with the requirements of some of the ports they will be visiting, such as Singapore, since AIS is compulsory equipment for boats of that size in those harbours.

Besides, fans of the regatta will be able to track boats in real time when passing through coastal waters. You’ll be able to track the first 400NM in our AIS traffic maritime web page.

Volvo Ocean Race

We have been pleased to see that the Volvo Ocean Race boats are fully equipped with the latest technology. This year they incorporate the satellite antennas from Thrane&Thrane, branded Sailor. No doubt these are superb pieces of technology. We have installed several already and they are tremendously robust. Now they will be used to broadcast all the evolution of the race.

We are also pleased to see the wide adoption of True Heading AIS transponder. Shortly we hope to receive the correspondent MMSIs of these vessels so we can follow them along the coast.

In any case, their official site will provide plenty of data. We expect to see soon the latitude and longitude and also include it in our maps.


We are following Gran Azul, a 15mts Ketch sailing around the world using our service. We must admit it is extremely addictive following their blog with their visits to (currently) different corners of the Caribbean Islands. They are using our satellite system, and have pasted a simple code so that anybody can track them on their website.

One of our team members is going to visit them in the Caribbean and keeps the rest of the team VERY jealous!!

gran azul itinerario

do you have a blog or website?

We’ve created an easy code that you can place anywhere on your site or blog, with the location of your boat via satellite. We got many more things ready to be released. Stay tuned!

You can see an example down here from the boat Gran Azul, a charter boat sailing around the world.

The html code you should place is:

<iframe width=”600″ height=”464″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ src=”http://www.atlanticsource.es/sat/granazul/index-granazul.php?mmsi=4970159″></iframe><br />

You only need to change the mmsi for the code we would provide you for your transponder.

And the result would be something like:


There is nothing like tracking a well-known regatta, to get tons of visits in your site :)
We are currently having an average of 1000 visits approx, with quite higher peaks some days.

There is a lot of buzz in the forums and the hundreds of messages supporting the teams prove it.
In a transatlantic regatta anything can happen. Trouble with moroccan fishermen nets, ships abandoning for technical reasons, etc…

Maybe the most interesting part is following the different strategies of the participants trying to get the best winds according to the meteo forecasts. Some try the direct way, some a more southern route, etc…

In spite of the difficulties morale is still high. We wish to know the conclusion of the competition. Until then, we recommend tracking the development in the blog of the organization, or just google in several forums like “La Taberna” the name of the regatta.