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Follow Gran Prix

This is the link where you can track via satellite the Gran Prix regatta.

The participants will install their hardware few days before the regatta, starting on January 9th. Since then, you can track them in the Google map.

We’ve also written a page with instructions on how to install the inmarsat D+ terminals on board, that will be available in english shortly.

Gran Azul

It is one of those projects that boaters have at some point thought about. But few have the guts to do it.

We are talking about the Gran Azul project, carried out by Cristina Zander, well known boater in Spanish waters, and organizer of the popular feminine regatta Trofeu Tanit, that in its second edition has gathered no more no less than 140 women!!

The project consists of traveling around the world for 5 years!! You can check their website here to know more.

They welcome people that may feel like sailing in caribbean waters, scuba diving in the pacific, and learn from very experimented boaters.

From here we encourage you to join them. Just contact them through their website. Besides, Atlantic Source will be tracking the boat via satellite, so you’ll be able to know the position at all times.

Satellite services

In Atlantic Source we work with three kinds of satellite products currently: satellite telephones, transponders and internet satellite broadband.

We use the latter for satellite tracking of boats and ships sailing beyond HF, VHF and GSM coverage. Check our SAT TRACK service here.

Whereas AIS sends data through the VHF data link, satellite systems send them through an Inmarsat connection. These transponders can be freely programmed to send the data required from alarm sensors in the boat or the built-in GPS.

The transmission follows a diagram like this:


Our transponders communicate with the control centre, which sends that data to our servers. From those servers, we make information publicly available for you on the internet.

We provide the tracking service for private users, companies, and regattas. The installation of the equipment is extremely easy, as easy as connecting it to the power supply. You can read installation instructions here .

For special customers, we can customize the web site to your needs. With our prices, satellite based location of your boat is affordable for everyone. For more information, please contact us here.

AIS for regattas

If you are the manager of a Marina and organize regattas, you’d like talking to us, because in case they are coastal regattas:

- We offer you coastal coverage on a up to 30 Nautical Miles

- We offer discounts on our Class B transponders for the boaters in your club

In case they are long range regattas:

- We offer you low cost satellite solutions and tracking of your boats with the frequency you choose.

regata volvo

AISred program kick-off

It is already possible to locate your boat permanently from any computer connected to the internet at no extra cost than buying one of our ethernet receivers among you and your friends.

Just tell your local marina to call us, or place one directly in your house on the coast with good VHF coverage. It is really easy to install. We take care of the rest! Join the club!!