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AIS transponder class A True Heading Carbon Pro: ready to mount

We have many customers asking about what is included in the package for the class A AIS transceiver True Heading Carbon Pro. Well, here are the pictures so you see what you get when you buy one of these AIS transponders

This is the box weighting around 4 kg.


You will find everything you need to install the AIS on your vessel. The only item not included is the VHF antenna. You can use an standard marine VHF antenna. The items in the box are the following:

● Carbon-ProAIS transceiver
● GPS antenna with 20m cable
● Data cable
● Junction box
● Power cable
● Trunnion bracket
● Panel mount brackets
● Fixing screws
● User and installation manual
● Quick start guide
● Support tools CD


Detail of transponder and manual:


And the back view of the transponder with all the connectors:


Following the Quick Guide and the Manual you will find it very easy to do the installation.

Cheap AIS receiver

If you are looking for a bargain AIS receiver, check out this second and equipment in Ebay.com. It is a TrueHeading RX Yacht:


Former AIS RX Yacht receiver

Former AIS RX Yacht receiver

It has now been replaced with the new model, now accepting USB connection and also includes an internal splitter (RX “Plus” model) that will simplify your on-board installation.

AIS receiver RX + (plus) by TrueHeading

AIS receiver RX + (plus) by TrueHeading

You can buy on-line the AIS receiver RX Plus from TrueHeading in this link

AIS Nautica, the on-line shop experts on AIS transponders and receivers

We are pleased to announce that AIS Nautica is born, the on-line shop where you will find everything AIS related. AIS stands for Automatic Identification System.
You can buy online receivers, class A transponders and class B transponders, plus the accessories you need, compact GPS and cables. This on-line shop is managed by Atlantic Source s.l.u. a Spanish company with more than 7 years experience in AIS equipment.

AIS makes navigation much more safe, especially in environments where there are bad weather conditions or there is a lot of traffic. If you take your boat or yacht off the coast you should definitely think about acquiring an AIS transponder, even if it is not legally compulsory for small vessels, it will give you peace of mind when sailing or navigating in open sea.

If you are looking for a ready to install, all-included AIS class B transponder, we recommend True Heading CTRX Graphene class B transponder Combo pack.

And yes, we do ship international orders!

Buy on-line AIS equipment: AIS transponders, AIS receivers, AIS class B, AIS class A

aisnautica.com web page, your on-line shop dedicated to AIS electronics, class A, class B. Transponders, receivers and all type of AIS True Heading accessories.

Reprogram AIS transponder with new MMSI ProAIS

Why do you need an MMSI for AIS?

All AIS equipment has to be programmed with the accurate MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) which is the unique identifier that Maritime Authorities worldwide award to each vessel that requires it, be it for regulatory requirement or voluntary request.

In the case of AIS class B equipment, many yachts already have an MMSI because it is needed to get the Call sign for the VHF radio.

AIS transponder CTRX Graphene from True Heading, distributed by atlantic-source.com

AIS transponder CTRX Graphene from True Heading, distributed by atlantic-source.com

How to reprogram an AIS transponder and change the MMSI?

Normally reprogramming an AIS transponder require that you contact a certified authorised dealer. Because it is highly sensitive information, it is not a simple task.

If you have a TRUE HEADING CTRX transponder, we can reprogram it for you. Just contact us here, this is a service that we provide.



Easy installation for an AIS Class B True Heading CTRX Transponder

We are lucky today!

With the launch of the new combo package from True Heading you will be able to install your new Class B Transponder without any hassle.

Check out the diagram below. Dead simple right? Plus you can use your existing VHF antenna thanks to the built-in VHF splitter.

Installation diagram for a Class B AIS transponder

Installation diagram for a Class B AIS transponder

The combo box includes:
- AIS CTRX Transponder model Graphene + (with VHF splitter built-in)
- GPS antenna
- 5 or 10m GPS antenna cable
- VHF cable

If you would like to buy an AIS Class B Transponder get in touch with us here or buy it directly in AISnautica.com

AIS transponder class A True Heading Carbon PRO

Perfect for regulatory compliance of AIS on-board or for professional use, the new TRUE HEADING Carbon PRO is a full featured AIS Class A transponder.

Main characteristics:

- Display included, no need for external display or PC
- Built in GPS receiver
- GPS antenna w/10m cable is included
- Wheelmarked
- Separate button for adjusting the background light. – Can be programmed from a PC
- Presets for navigational status
- Function i very easy to reach
- VHF antenna must be added

In Atlantic Source we sell this equipment. Get in touch with us and we will send you a quote.


Sea Pilot

After a long time in development we announce the official launch of the Sea Pilot, a PC computer adapted for the marine environment.

With the present lack of connectivity among different equipment on board, boaters frequently have it difficult to know where to look at:


That is why True Heading, in collaboration with CC Systems has developed the Sea Pilot, the latest in marine integration. It is a PC with Nobeltec software included able to integrate in the same display information from radar, AIS, GPS with Nobeltec charts.

Its reduced energy comsumption (down to 35watt in the basic version) is due to its SSD architecture, which also makes it a robust device on board, able to bear the worst marine conditions. It runs on Windows, so you also have all the capabilities of a regular PC.

Connected to the sensors on board, it lets you monitor echosounder, wind, auto-pilot, and all compatible sensors. It supports the most important standards, such as NMEA0183, NMEA2000, J1939, CANopen.

Leave your message for more information.


In the news

Barcelona’s boat show has been exhausting. Besides the fact that it lasts 9 days, we have had tons of visits and we have no doubt that interest for AIS technology has increased very quickly. Thank you all for your interest.

It has also been a pleasure reading the news in el mundo, one of Spain’s most popular newspapers, that explained our transponder AIS-CTRX. We attach a picture :)

Atlantic Source & True Heading

Atlantic Source, S.L. company specialized in AIS projects, distributes in Spain communication equipment produced by swedish company True Heading AB. You can see our products visiting our online shop here .

trueheading logo

 True Heading has done important consulting projects for maritime organizations in many countries, and is especially focused on producing class B transponders that receive and transmit boat data according to the AIS standard . This standard is compulsory for large and passenger ships already, and eventually becoming more and more popular for smaller boats thanks to the recent approval of the class B standard.

Atlantic Source also wants to carry out a training campaign about what we believe AIS will mean in the future of e-navigation, and to clear out a little bit the existing confusion in the leisure sailing environment. We are writing several articles about that topic which you can reach in the menu on the right.