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Our transponder in the US!!

After quite a long time, more than many boaters in the US would like, the FCC has approved AIS class B transponders in the US. Some kind of agreement has been reached with Maritel, the company that formerly had the right to use one of the two frequencies used by AIS.

It is a fact that boaters in the US are celebrating, as we can read in some of the most popular blogs in the US, such as Panbo, Navagear, etc…

We are very glad to announce that our AIS-CTRX transponder has been the first one to be approved, and hence we are celebrating :) !!!!


AIS class B in USA

Could it be this time?

Panbo, after his talks with representatives of the FCC, seems to be sure that class B will finally be approved in the US in a matter of weeks.

The fight for competences for the control of the spectrum between FCC and other american governmental bodies seems to be the reason why class B is taking so long to be approved. After all, it is expected that hundreds of thousands of boats will be transmitting AIS data in the US. It’s good that we are a little bit ahead in Europe :)