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VOR tracking by Atlantic Source

Volvo Ocean Race tracking

We are followers of the toughest regatta in the world, the Volvo Ocean Race.

However, official tracking websites force you to install Java updates, and not all browsers are fully compatible with the tracking software.

That’s why we have decided to create an extremely basic and fast Volvo tracking page. You can only (for now :) ) see the current updated position of each participant, as well as their DTF and DTL (distance to final and distance to leader)

Since our page is updated at the same time than the official one, but ours loads faster, we hope you may find it useful.

We will be posting a Google Earth file soon!

AIS in the Volvo Ocean Race

We are very proud to announce that our AIS products from True Heading will be the official AIS equipment for all the boats participating in the Volvo Ocean Race.

The equipment consists of one of our AIS-CTRX transponders, with one of our class B VHF Splitters, in each of the boats. The splitter has been specially acknowledged to be essential to improve the coverage and to ease notably the installation process.

AIS will give a new dimension to yacht racing, since participants will have the chance to follow competitors in real time when in VHF coverage, and it helps them comply with the requirements of some of the ports they will be visiting, such as Singapore, since AIS is compulsory equipment for boats of that size in those harbours.

Besides, fans of the regatta will be able to track boats in real time when passing through coastal waters. You’ll be able to track the first 400NM in our AIS traffic maritime web page.

Volvo Ocean Race

We have been pleased to see that the Volvo Ocean Race boats are fully equipped with the latest technology. This year they incorporate the satellite antennas from Thrane&Thrane, branded Sailor. No doubt these are superb pieces of technology. We have installed several already and they are tremendously robust. Now they will be used to broadcast all the evolution of the race.

We are also pleased to see the wide adoption of True Heading AIS transponder. Shortly we hope to receive the correspondent MMSIs of these vessels so we can follow them along the coast.

In any case, their official site will provide plenty of data. We expect to see soon the latitude and longitude and also include it in our maps.