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Sat messaging

Our satellite messaging service allows any user to send greeting SMS, SOS messages or comments about a boat trip so that they can be read in our satellite tracking web page.

If you want to try it out, just sign up for the service here.

The messages can be sent in three ways:

- From the web after signing up.

- By setting your Iridium or Thuraya mobile satellite phone.

- By setting your GSM mobile telephone, although obviously you will have no coverage if you are sailing far from the coast.

New satellite tracking

You can follow in localizatodo in “Barcos satélite” or “Satellite boats” new journeys:

1) A new boating tourism project in Morocco has been launched from La Taberna del Puerto and you can track its journey in localizatodo with the name “Flotilla de la amistad” or “Friendship Fleet”.

2) Also Consorci el Far, dedicated to the promotion and teaching of sailing, has joined our team of tracking enthusiasts by installing one of our transponders on board in its ship currently traveling in the Med, at this moment at the island of Sardinia.

We wish them the very best journey :)

Tracking in your blog

Some of our customers of the satellite tracking service have included a tracking map in their blogs or sites, to share their real time tracks with friends and family, so that they can be followed along their trips.

We’ll update some more very soon. You can visit some of these sites and blogs here:





There is no doubt that localizatodo is on the way to become by far the best ship tracking application based on AIS, and we would like to thank JM (Shaman) from Datavoice and colaborators for their great job, and for allowing us to contribute by adding stations and presenting the app in our page of maritime traffic, although it is close to becoming a tracking app for anything moving around :)



New site

We’ve been working during the last months to launch the new version of the site. We specially wanted to explain better what we are doing and make it more usable, and hopefully you agree with us, better looking! :)

We also wanted to explain the atposition.com service, for remote control of your boat. Basically it is all about giving more remote control features to our sat track users.

We’ll be writing more posts about this very soon! Keep tuned!!

Gran Azul

It is one of those projects that boaters have at some point thought about. But few have the guts to do it.

We are talking about the Gran Azul project, carried out by Cristina Zander, well known boater in Spanish waters, and organizer of the popular feminine regatta Trofeu Tanit, that in its second edition has gathered no more no less than 140 women!!

The project consists of traveling around the world for 5 years!! You can check their website here to know more.

They welcome people that may feel like sailing in caribbean waters, scuba diving in the pacific, and learn from very experimented boaters.

From here we encourage you to join them. Just contact them through their website. Besides, Atlantic Source will be tracking the boat via satellite, so you’ll be able to know the position at all times.

More interesting websites

We’ve been in contact with Eugenio, the webmaster of this site, with tons of information about Navys from many countries. It is particularly interesting checking the description of so many warships. Eugenio keeps a track of all the visits of warships to Málaga, where he lives. Following the visits there is a technical description of the equipment, including electronics, of most of those ships.

We were specially amazed to see all the equipment on board of the Gettysburg, a Ticonderoga class Warship.