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New AtPosition website

The new website let’s our users control completely where they want their boats to show up. Besides, with their own web access, they can control a historic file of all the position messages and demand a remote position message of their transponder from the web, especially useful for private users willing to control their boats remotely and charter companies.
Many more features will be available soon and we just can’t wait to show you!!


It happens!! We had no notice of such a thing in any case, but apparently stealing boats happens in charter companies. We don’t mean jumping on board and stealing money, or a plotter, but the whole boat!!

From here we wish all the best to the guys at sunwind, that in this chat at the forum of La Taberna are asking for help in case anybody sees the boat

JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 39i del 2006 white hull.
Plate 6º-CT-1-6-06
Name Manu&Manu————-Sun Wind
No radar.
In large letters: www.sunwind.es and a phone number.