The special thing about sailing

More and more people are trying to escape from the I wake up-I work-I get back home-I sleep routine. In a world where you can find trash in the top of the Everest, there are fewer and fewer corners of the world where you can find real tranquility, where you can actually meet yourself, think about everything with a totally different perspective, visit different countries and cultures; become a little bit a kind of an antique explorer, so to say.

Getting on a plane and finding the same McDonald’s in a forgotten town in Asia is not the kind of experience that let’s you find perspective.

Sailing is in the opinion of this post’s writer one of the only activities that still lets you find real new situations and actual time for yourself. Even when people sail in groups they may not talk to each other for hours. Sometimes they just need time for themselves, although everybody that likes sailing actually likes it for very different reasons: the challenge, navigation, the electronics, etc…

Our friend Cristina has started her project to sail during the next few years around the world. We are very happy for her since she is getting closer to a long time desired dream. More and more friends are preparing similar projects and we’d like to talk about them during the different stages of their preparation.

May be by explaining their experiences in their blogs we’ll be able to share a little bit that feeling of freedom. Needless to say, we’ll join our friends in as many stages of their trip as we can and we’ll try to share the experience from this blog with you.

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